2000 Ford Explorer

2000 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 232200 miles

While driving- rpms will just drop & car will die. No " Check Engine " light comes on. No warning. Will put in neutral and start up again, sometimes right away, sometimes after 3-4 tries. If sit for awhile, will go again for some miles before stopping again. Had fuel pump/fuel filter replaced, idle solinoid cleaned, a/c temp sensor replaced. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN OUTSIDE TEMPS ARE 75 DEGREES AND UP. As long as it's cool outside, no problem. While driving one hot day, started acting up, dying, had to keep foot on gas/brake to keep moving, ran into rain, cooled off, car started running fine again! Ford dealer ran complete diagnostic, could find nothing. Said it'll have to be acting up to locate problem as no " Check Engine" light comes on. Help, Help, Help
November 10, 2010.

Intermittants can be tough. I would focus on the ignition system first. Using a cold damp towel (Keep one in the fridge) you can cool off components to bring down their temperature and hopefully cause the no start.

I would start with it on the ignition switch when the no start is happening. I am suspecting the tranciever ring around the ignition lock. It should set anti-theft codes, but this will not affect the check engine light.

IF you have tilt steering, try moving the column up and down to see if it starts when the no start is present.

Maybe I didn't make the focus of my question clear-or I'm not understanding your answer. Why does my Explorer just stop running while driving (usually after 20-30 miles of steady driving) and it happens when the outside temps are warm to hot, but not in cooler (below75) weather? &Quot; Check Engine" light doesn" t come on. What could be happening in the mechanics of the car to create this problem? Why doesn't a Diagnostic or Scan show anything when I bring the car in to be checked? Again, Help, Help, Help. I had to cancel a trip this weekend because the weather is not quite cold enough for me to feel confident that my Explorer will get me from Point A to Point B.

Nov 11, 2010.
There is most likely an electronic problem within the ignition system that is affected by temperature. I listed how I would start troubleshooting. Cel engine light is related to emissions and there may be codes in the compurter related to anti theft.