1998 Ford Explorer

Hey All,

Recently, my 1998 Ford Explorer (147,000 miles, automatic, 4-Wheel Drive) had some problems accelerating. Couldn't get it to accelerate unless I revved the engine above 2,000 RPM, and that happened everytime I pulled to a stop.

Then, I got my transmission fluid changed. First time out it ran like new.

Now, I have to let it sit and wait for a while (and maybe accelerate a few times) before it will go into Drive. Runs perfectly fine in Drive when it gets going. Also runs perfectly fine in Reverse, but everytime I switch from Drive to either Neural, Park, or Reverse, or switch back, I have to sit and let it wait again.

Any advice? I'd really appreciate anything you all could throw my way. Car problems are very stressful, and I live in a colder climate so I doubt the car will last the winter if I don't get this fixed soon.
September 27, 2007.

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