1998 Ford Explorer

Transmission problem
1998 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive 100000 miles

I had my transmission rebuilt about two years ago, everything has been fine until now. It first at interstate speed wouldn't shift into overdrive. I stopped and then worked fine for a half hour. When I stopped at the store, restarted, put into drive the motor stalls like it is not started out in low. It is similar to how it would act if you were to go to slow with a standard in high gear. It kinda jerks then dies out. I took the battery terminals off and let it reset the computor and it works for a while until I slow down agian and the automatic transmission part does not down shift. I can then reset computor, it starts out in low shifts all the way up but won't shift down. What could it be and is there any links or web pages I can get pictures of what needs to be replaces or more free info on it. Thanks
August 11, 2008.

Is there any help on this one.

Aug 14, 2008.
I posted a question a week ago, Do you have to dontate before any help, or is this just another scam?

Aug 15, 2008.