1997 Ford Explorer

Engine Cooling problem
1997 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 210000 miles

I have a coolant leak above the passanger side exhaust manifold over first possiblely second spark plug as you look from the frony od the car. Is this the gasket or something else. What is the average cost of repair.
Scot spitz
October 3, 2010.

If it is above the exhaust manifold, it could be an intake leak. Have you checked all hoses?

Inspected all hoses in the engine compartment and under the car. When the car is hot I see where the leak originates. It is above the freeze plug on cylinder #5 but below the spark plug, right at the gasket. I have been working on my cars for years and have replaced head gaskets and motors, but I don't have the time or patients to do this. Do the temp fixes (BARRS stop leak ect.) Work. For the short term. I will bring it to my mechanic in a month or so when I save up u[ the funds.

Scot spitz
Oct 3, 2010.
Honestly, there are products that are made for head gaskets, but I have never had any luck with them. However, it wouldn't hurt to try.