1995 Ford Explorer

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1995 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 125000 miles

The odometer on my 1995 explorer has stopped working. The speedometer still works fine. The dealer says they can replace the odometer for about $600(not going to happen!)Internet research has indicated there is a small gear in the odomter that has probably broken and can be replaced. Questions.1)does this sound like it may be the problem and if so is it much of a job to replace these gears.2)does the dash have to be removed and is that much of a job?
February 8, 2008.

I sent some info your way via email.

Feb 8, 2008.
Anyone can teach me how to fix the odometer of my 95 ford explorer, 2 WD, 139000mile, Please!

Just two days ago, I went to a transmission store since the 'overdrive' light flashing. They opened the hood and pulled out a cable connector then plugged in with their computer/meter to check the error codes. It seemed that they reset my truck's computer. Then my 'overdrive' light turned off. I drove away and found the odometer doesn't work anymore! I went back to them, thery told me they had nothing done with my odometer. Any suggestion?

Thank you very much!

Aug 12, 2008.