1994 Ford Explorer

Engine Performance problem
1994 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

The engine starts & idles fine. When the accelerator is depressed, the engine 'bogs down' - even under no load. If you 'pump' the accelerator quickly, engine speed can go to about 3000 RPM.
i installed new wires, and a new air filter. Plugs are less than a year old. This problem has gotten progressively worse.

i'm thinking a vacuum leak.

your thoughts?
August 2, 2010.

Have you checked fuel pump pressure? Also, have you checked to make sure the catalytic converter isn't plugged? And yes, a major vacuum leak could cause it too. Have you checked it? Let me know if the check engine light is on too.


Check engine light is not on now, but when the car ran better, it used to come on after about 10 minutes.

My son had this car for the last 9 months, so i'm a little sketch on what the exact sequence of events are.

RE: catalytic converter - - there appears to be plent of exhaust pressure. Is there an easy way to check?

Aug 3, 2010.
Check to see if is glowing red hot after running the vehicle for awhile. Also, you can check back pressure by removing the O2 sensor and checking it there.

Have you checked fuel pump pressure? Also, have you tried having the computer scanned for codes since the light was on? Most parts stores will do it for free.

Let me know.