1993 Ford Explorer

Transmission problem
1993 Ford Explorer 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 230000 miles

I have a weird problem. Once a week I have to add a quart of tranny fluid. There is no leaking on the ground except a little at the connection at the tranny flued cooler. The strange thing is that my engine oil is high every time my tranny fluid is low. I have to drain my oil every time I fill the tranny fluid. It is obvious that my tranny fluid seems to be leaking into my engine oil. Is this possible? And wha can be done about it?
June 2, 2010.


Ok, on the passenger side of the tranny right next the the Catalytic Converter is what is called a Modulator Valve it is Vacuum Operated and if the Diafram inside has ruptured then tranny fluid can get into the engine oil. Also there is a metal heat shield hiding it.


Jun 3, 2010.