Ford Expedition

I have 2004 ford expedition 71000 miles, 5.4 engine. The check charging system light came on. Had it check at my parts store. Alternator was not charging, had it rebuilt by a local rebuild shop(good record), cleaned bat. Terminals, and load tested battery, all good. But the Light is still on and I have 14.5 volts with engine running. Any Idea's?
August 18, 2007.

I have the same problem on my 2003 ford expedition- I changed battery and alternator and battery/check charging system light will not turn off. I also verified the charger was charging the battery and the fuse was good. I could not find a manual. Does anybody know or have a wiring diagram that can tell me where the cable from the battery to the alternator splits off to and how it works with the fusible link(s)? I

Sep 7, 2007.
I have the exact same problem. 2003 Expedition with about 71k miles on it. Alternator just went out on it. Replaced it with a new one, but the red battery dummy light stays on, & the message center is still showing the " Check Charging System" message? Tried installing a 2nd new alternator just in case, but the " Check Charging System" message is still there. Tested the output on the alternator & everything test perfectly. But no matter what I try, that darn " Check Charging System" message won't go away. Has anyone determined a fix to this issue yet?

Oct 13, 2007.
I have the same problem but it is one step further, I am on my second alternator they ran a test of the first one and it wast fine but like I told them with it not carrying a load it could test good all day replaced it now the light is still on but engine dies right after it is jumped I did test battery low but still good. The vehicle does not hold the charge Does anyone know what fuses I should be looking at?