2001 Ford Expedition

Transmission problem
2001 Ford Expedition V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic

i put a rebuilt transmission and a low milage transfercase in my 2001 expedition. Now my front axle acts like its engaging when I turn sharp(front end binds up like its in 4wheel drive) with it off and one wheel jacked up in the front the cv axle and drive line both turn but the transfercase seems to be disengaged but as soon as I drive it very far it seeems like the 4wheel on demand engages and wont disengage. Does this sound like a bat senser in the transfercase. Chiltons manual says that this expedition should have a vacume moter on the front diff to engage front axle and vacume selinoids on right fenderwell but there is nothin in either spot. R these a full time unit
March 26, 2010.

If you have the automatic 4wd, it sounds like a bad sensor (rear) sensor. Did you change them on the transfer case you installed?