2000 Ford Excursion

Brakes problem
2000 Ford Excursion V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 101500 miles

Abs light comes on, checks, then goes out after start. As soon as I put the truck in drive and move just a few feet the light comes back on and stays lite.
Truck can be driven in reverse with no light.

Brakes pads were replaced approx. 26,000 miles ago and I've had no problems until now.

ABS works fine on wet or dry roads at speeds up to 50 MPH. Have not tested at higher speeds. No pulling when I apply brakes. Fluid level is good. Brake lines drained to check for air. Pads, rotors, discs visually inspected. Visual on ABS sensors.

Truck was not driven by me for a while apparently the tires were not being rotated. When I brought the truck up from Colorado it developed a bone jarring shake. Immediately took it in, tires were waffled, rotated them and dealt with the shake in hopes of self-correcting the waffling. Shake is long gone.

Within days of discovering that the tires were waffled is when I got the continous ABS light.
Approx. 1 month after light started staying on my alternator failed with no warning. Replaced Alternator, light still on.

Is it possible that the alternator caused a faulty read in the ABS control module?

Thanks for any help on this
March 17, 2008.

Have you checked the wheel bearings? Do to the electronics in the sensors for the abs wheel bearings will sometimes set the abs light off. Also possible if your tires have bad wear such as cupping or scalloping this could also account for the abs light.

Mar 25, 2008.
I had the front bearings replaced roughly 25,000 miles ago.

If the light was orginally triggered by bad tire wear--in this case waffling--is it likely to stay out if I take it to the dealership and have them simply reset it? Or would the bad tire wear have actually caused a problem in the ABS system?

Mar 25, 2008.