2000 Ford Excursion

Why does the 2000 Excursion make a pop sound and a silght vibration under the foot when pressing on the gas to move the vehicle after a complete stop?
October 2, 2007.

Where does the noise seem to come from, front/rear?
Does the pop sound like the noise when you release the emergency brake?

Does it seem like the truck is being held back, then it suddenly releases? Or is the vibration seem like more of shudder that changes with the rpm of the engine?

Thank you for responding. The " pop" noise comes from the front. It only makes the pop noise when after coming to a complete stop, the gas is pressed to allow the vehicle to move. Yes, it does sound like an emergency release brake noise, but no emergency brake is released at the time.

There doesn't seem to be a feeling of being held back then suddenly released, but in addition to the " pop" sound after coming to a complete stop, then pressing on the gas to become in movement again. There seems to be " some" shudder of a vibration that changes with the rpm of the engine and while slowing the engine down to come to a complete stop after the rpm of the engine is less, as when coming off of the highway and mph are of 60 or above. Thank you, I hope that I have been more detailed as possible to give you an idea of my problem.

Oct 2, 2007.
What I believe is happened is coming from the brakes. It's big vehicle and tough on brakes. I think there are a combination of problems with yours. I believe the rotors are being overheated. This may be a further problem stemming from the pads not moving well as they should, most often from lack of lubrication. On this particular truck, it is imperitive the caliper, pins, slide hardware and bracket are cleaning thorughly and lubricated with a high quality caliper grease. If there is ANY damage to the boots or corrosion on the pins, replace them. Also put on new pads and rotors that are quality.