Ford Escort

I have a 1999 Escort 123750 miles. I changed the driver side axle & oil seal and lost some tran. Fluid. I've been told that to add/check the fluid level I need to remove the speed sensor. When I did this a lot of trans fluid escaped. My question is how do I add fluid & do I even need to?
September 16, 2007.

If you have an automatic transmission, you fill it with a tranny funnel thru the dipstick, If you have a standard shift, you fill thru the plug thats about half way up the tranny, fill till fluid is level with the bottom of the plug hole!

Sep 16, 2007.
Read carefully you owners manual before filling your tranny. Typically you must check level in an automatic tranny when it is at running temp and after you have cycled through all the gears. Place it in park while running at idle and check level. Clearly you are low since you have lost fluid at this point. As mentioned before, fill throught the dip stick hole.

Sep 16, 2007.