1998 Ford Escort

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Ford Escort 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

There is a lot of vacum in the motor. When I put my hand over the oil fill cap it sucks it in the same with the dipstick hole. When the car is running at idle and I shut it off there's a high pitched squealing noise and an air leak sound. It sort of sounds like an air brake. All this started after I had the oil changed and a new filter put on. If I take the oil filler cap off while the car is idiling the same air pressure leak is heard. When I take the dipstick out and put my finger over the hole and put my hand on the oil filter and release my finger the oil filter vibrates and makes noise. This is the third oil filter to be put on the car. Each one has been different.
Ed matthews
April 2, 2009.

Check PCV valve
do you have check engine light on?

Apr 2, 2009.