1993 Ford Escort

1993 Ford Escort LX
mileage: 38010
Automatic Transmission
Front Wheel Drive
Engine size: 1.9 SEFI Ford
Transmission was changed.

On this vehicle above I have just got from a friend and they had another transmission installed in it. But since they done that it is slipping out of gear and it won't go into gear either. Is there a way that this could be fixed without having to go inside the transmission? Its not leaking any fuild out. I will add a picture of my car so you could see it and of the motor as well. I hope you could help me out on this problem. Because I would love to drive my car again. Thanks in advance.

Sincerely Yours,
Wreatha Johnson

July 20, 2007.

You need to be sure the ATF level is proper but is VERY hard to determine the automatic transmission fluid level in these cars. They tell you to check it warmed up running, in gear, brake on. If you try to do this, you can't tell for sure where the fluid is on the dipstick. Low fluid will cause this problem and kill your new transmission.

The other thing you can try is Lubegard additive for transmissions.

The last question would be -- Was there a warranty with the " new" transmission?

Jul 20, 2007.