1990 Ford Escort

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Ford Escort 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 102000 miles

I can start the car, but it won't stay running. I have to put the motor at about 3500 RPM's. It will sit there fine for a minuet and without fluctuation the throttle the RPM's drop and it stalls. It will not idle. The dealership I took it to said it was the fuel injector that would cost about 480.00 plus labor. They also said the part was rare and not made anymore that is why it cost so much. I have since then looked up fuel injectors for the same vehicle for about 68.00, are they jipping me or could it be a different problem? I believe the car only has one injector above the carb. It is a 1.9 ltr.
January 29, 2009.

Hi: From your description, it sounds like the fuel pump. As far as the injectors, if you found them for 68, it sounds like they may be over charging you. However, they are most likely correct in saying they are not made any longer.

As far as the problem, have you checked the fuel pump pressure?


Thank you for your response. I picked up a fuel injector from autozone today and will put it in tomorrow. Hopefully it works out, but if not the next thing is look into the fuel pump. I don't know how to check the pressure, but it appeared to me that it had plenty of pressure when I replaced the fuel filter.

Feb 2, 2009.
Go to our site on checking fuel pressure. There is a video that shows you how to do it and what to look for.


Let me know if this helps.


Well at least now I know how to check the fuel pressure. I went and picked up the car from the service department, managed to get it around the corner to work on it. I changed out the fuel injector and she runs great now. Only a minor thing now is to lower the idle. It's idling around 1900 right now. Thanks for all your help, now my sister has a car that she and her daughter can depend on at least for awhile.

Feb 3, 2009.