2002 Ford Escape

2002 Ford Escape 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic

I have just bought my car used from a dealership in august 2008. A few months after there was something wrong with my starter so when I turned it in they said it was the battery. So I had it changed. This afternoon I couldnt start my car at all but it had been fine this morning. I got someone to jumpstart my car but when I brought it in again they tell my the battery is drained. So far its only been a month and my battery totally drained again. Do you know whats wrong with my car? Oh. And the coolant light has been lighting even if my coolant is on full.
March 25, 2009.

A circuit is on with key off likely glove box light, vanity mirror, underhood ETC. Need a battery drain test done to ID circuit and repair.

Mar 25, 2009.