2001 Ford Escape

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Ford Escape 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 105500 miles

I was wondering what the average cost is to replace a 2001 Ford Escape fuel pump?
My car starts easily, seems to " cough" after the car is started up. After driving for about 5 minutes it seems to clear up. I did try turning the key twice before start up and the previous symptoms resolved themselves. I had my fuel filter changed within the past 2 months.
Please advise on a possible diagnosis and treatment plan.
Thank you for your help!
November 2, 2008.

You need to have the fuel pressure checked to rule out the fuel pump

Nov 2, 2008.
I pretty much agree. Fuel pumps do not come and go. They are either good or dead for the most part. You can get a fuel pressure gauge at Harbor Freight Tools. Com or at a local store for about $20.

Nov 12, 2008.
Fuel pumps do not come and go. There are only 3 kinds of fuel pumps: good ones, dead ones, and noisy ones that are about to go. I don't think that you have a fuel pump problem. (And that is good news because they are a pain). Ford engines have an Idle Air Control Valve (IAC). If it is dirty or sticky in it's motion, you will have problems with the engine running right. If your Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve or EGR is stuck open, this won't do your engine any favors either. Do you not get a " check engine" light with a readable code? Just a thought.



Nov 26, 2008.