2001 Ford E-Series Van

Engine problem
2001 Ford E-Series Van V6 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 126.52 miles

hi out there, as you can imagin Iam having car problems and any help I can get will be greatly apreciated on my 2001 ford e- 150 I have recurring codes po171 too lean bnk. #1, po1172 too rich bnk. #2, po174 too lean bnk#2, po1000 drive cycle test not complete.
change the gas cap, change all intake manifold gaskets because I was told by a ford mechanic that it probably had internal gasket leaks, took it to ford and they replace some prdf valve and they also did a test with the smoke machine but it still have this codes coming back time after time and I do not know what else to do so Iwill aprecite youre advise and thank tou very much!
December 3, 2007.

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