2001 Ford E-Series Van

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Ford E-Series Van V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

It starts right up and runs and drives, At idle it runs rough and it has a hesitation or stumbles during acceleration. It seems to be getting fuel I'm thinking maybe it's in the ignition system coil back to one of the plugs? Also there is no check engine light on. Anyone had this before?

December 21, 2008.

Hi: If there is no check engine, the miss must not be too bad or it should kick the light. Have you checked for vacuum leaks? Also, when was the last tune up? It could be an ignition wire with too much resistance or a weak plug.

Let me know if you have other questions.


I did the sprake plugs on it and it stop running rough. But now I have a vacuum leak that I need to look for. And before the engine light was on (02 senors)replaced both turn the light off and in a day it's back on with the 2-bank
02 senor. Will a vacuum leak make the light go on or is it a cat, or egr?

Thanks for the help.

Jan 10, 2009.
Hi: The EGR will kick on its own code in the computer, so I would say no to that. Also, does the pressure from the exhaust seem to be normal or weak? Can you hear any rattling or hissing from the exhaust? If there is a large enough vacuum leak (intake) or exhaust manifold leak it could be causing the O2 sensor to kick the light on. It will recognize the exhaust as being saturated.

Let me know if this helps.


I dont hear anything from the exhaust sound like the intake.I'll get to it in the next few days see what I can find, I'll let you know. And Thanks again for the help.

Jan 11, 2009.