2002 Ford Crown Victoria

Noises problem
2002 Ford Crown Victoria V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 69200 miles

I have a 2002 Crown Vic Police Interceptor. A couple months ago, I noticed intermittent squeaks or chirps coming from the driver side front wheel, I believe. It started only when going over uneven road surfaces or small pot holes, but now it is pretty consistant on any surface. I also notice it when I get out of the vehicle and close the door. I'm not sure if it is the suspension or what the issue is. Also, about a week ago I had my oil changed and now all of a sudden I am hearing a clicking or ticking coming from the passenger side rear wheel. It almost sounds as if there is a stone caught in the tread. I inspected the tires and there isn't anything apparent, the tires were not rotated, so I don't believe that the lug nuts are loose. It's driving me crazy and I'm becoming concerned about the noises. Can you please help?
August 12, 2009.

Check outer tie rod and ball joints for the front noise
remove rear tire and check brakes

Aug 13, 2009.