1998 Ford Contour

I have checked everything on my car from fuel filter and the car is getting gas could the coil be bad or not generating enough power for it to hit? I am also on my third battery the last two where bad, but I believe this one is ok. I have checked the timing belt intact and tight, I don't have an air filter in right now, but I have checked the spark plugs and spark plug wires my neighbor said that when he checked the coil it should a clear spark not a blue one and it should be blue is this correct?
November 16, 2006.

The spark should be blue and one key is that the timing belt can be fine but there might be a camshaft position sensor that has failed. This item if failing is an important part of the spark timing process. The coil could be failing and there are tests for that.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 16, 2006.