1999 Ford Contour

Make/Model/Year- 99 Ford Contour LX
engine 2.0 I think

We was driving down the road going about 75 when we lost power. Lucky enough we got to the side of the road. But the car would not turn over. We had power. And now the car is seating in our driveway after having it towed. We was told it could be a electracl compound. Or the timing belt. This happen all of a sudden. No sounds of a thump nothing. Would really like someones help and opinion. For this car is my baby. And yes I cried till she was home with me. Thanks in advance. Betty
January 14, 2007.

Well the first thing to check for is if the timing belt has broken before you try turning it over.

IF it is not broken, then you should check the basics. Fuel or spark.

Another thing you might want to check is if the fuel shut off switch has activated (Its should have a location in your owners manual)

Cosmo. Mazda TEch

Jan 14, 2007.
Thank you we are waiting for husbands brother to come down. Since neither of us has a clue about vehicles. And we did check the fuel thing it was not popped we found that once his brother told us LOL

Jan 14, 2007.
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