1997 Ford Contour

I have a 97 Ford contour 2.0 L and i'm having an idle problem with my vehicle. I got the problem diagnosed and the shop told me that the idle air control valve is bad so I replaced that part and it did not make a difference. Then when I got my vehicle smogged, the technician said the egr solenoid was not working at times so I replaced that and it did not fix my idle problem still. I really want to find out what else the problem might be. Another thing is that I notice my idle is around 1250 when i'm at a red light or stop sign, the idle seems to be normal after I turn the engine off and quickly start the engine up again. I hope you might have some suggestions to what the problem might be. Thanks
July 7, 2007.

Check for vacuum leaks check the flex hose at the back fo the motor going toward fire wall thats were I had a big one

Jul 7, 2007.
I too have seen the leak BACKRODE refers to, /I believe it is the hose that comes off the brake booster.--Dealer part. I think the symptom remained when restarting it however. Check the computer for codes. Have seen these go through O2 sensors.