1995 Ford Bronco

Engine Cooling problem
1995 Ford Bronco V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 165000 miles

Do I need a special tool to remove the fan before replacing the water pump? Also, is it just a matter of removing the bolts and replacing it or should I take it to a professional? It looks like it will be very easy to get to.

August 19, 2010.

Drain cooling system.
Loosen fan clutch attaching bolts.
Remove fan shroud attaching bolts and remove shroud and fan.
Remove drive belt.
Disconnect lower radiator hose, heater hose and bypass hose from water pump.
Remove fan, spacer, water pump pulley and fan shroud.
Remove A/C compressor/power steering pump bracket and accessories to clear water pump stud bolt.
Remove water pump attaching bolts and the water pump.

Reverse procedure to install. Tighten water pump retaining bolts to 12-18 ft. lbs.

NOTE: All water pumps have a sealed bearing integral with the water pump shaft. The bearing requires no lubrication. A bleed hole in the pump housing allows water that may leak past the seal to be thrown out by the slinger. This is not a lubrication hole. If the pump is damaged and requires repair, replace it with a new pump or a rebuilt one.

Aug 19, 2010.