1993 Ford Bronco

Electrical problem
1993 Ford Bronco V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 193000 miles

I have a 93 fullsize bronco with no heat. I've checked all fuses and all good, but no power at the heater-a\c spot on thefuse box, there is however power at the 50 Amp fuse spot under the hood that feeds that part of the inner fuse panel. Also, I have power at the switch on the dash, but not at the blower motor harness when I turn the switch on. Is there a resistor or a relay somewhere that I could be missing? I dont have a elect. Diag. For it so I dont know even where to look, by the way I swapped out the switch on the dash so I know that the problem is not there, I also took off of the wire that comes from the fuse panel and ran power through another spot on the fuse panel that had power, and of course installed an inline fuse for that, but still no power at the blower motor harness. Stumped. Thanks
December 17, 2009.

Blower resistor behind glove box in air plenum just to left of motor.

Dec 17, 2009.
Welcome to the forum, the blower motor switch controls the ground side of blower motor, for different speeds. The voltage comes from the hvac control to blower, not from the blower switch. Did you use jumper wires to blower motor for voltage and ground, just to see if the motor will run? Use an inline fuse.

Dec 17, 2009.