1995 Ford Aerostar

Engine Performance problem
1995 Ford Aerostar 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 144000 miles

my husband ran out of gas (don't laugh) and we changed the fuel filter. Don't think it is the fuel pump- it's getting gas from the tank. But it tries to start but won't run, shut right off after starting. We checked the vacuum lines because wee could hear a sucking noise, but not sure of the routing. Is there a vacuum concerning the fuel?
September 4, 2009.

Since it happened with running out of gas, I feel it is fuel related. That isn't to say you don't have a vacuum leak too.

What I need you to start with is checking fuel pump pressure. Often times, the pump gets damaged from dirt at the bottom of the tank. Here is a how to for checking it. Run the test and let me know what you find. Also, you will need a gauge for this. Most parts stores will lend or rent the tool to you.