1978 Fiat Spider

Noises problem
1978 Fiat Spider 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual? Miles

After stopping at a light, the car started making a high pitch metallic grinding noise, seemingly coming from the passenger side of the engine near the exhaust cam cover. It actually died at idle at the next light, and I found that I could keep it running if I set the idle adjustment a little higher. The engine seems like it is dragging. I removed the V belt and cranked it and the sound was still there. Checked the valvetrain, nothing seems wrong there. The noise corresponds with engine speed and load, sounds almost whiny at higher speed, and like imminent doom metal on metal at low rpm with load. I'm hoping not to have to go digging for the source.
October 22, 2010.

Start by checking the timing belt has no broken stripped teeth

Dave H
Jan 23, 2011.