2002 Fiat Punto

Electrical problem
2002 Fiat Punto V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual

Hi, my fiat punto active 52 plate was woring absoloutly fine since I bought it about 18months ago untill last week, got up one morning and tried to start the car up. The car started to tick over and thr rear windscreen wiper started going off on its own. Then the car started to shae then cut out with the yellow lightbulb light on. Tried jumpinng the car but no luck. Took all the fuses out one by one, all ok. Then 3days ago, got in the car, started it and was working fine, untill now. But now there seems to be what I can onlydescribe as a struggaling sound coming from my steering coloum and the door pins judder up and down slightly. Would really appreciate some help on this one.
August 25, 2010.

Start by having the car plugged into a diagnostic computer to retrieve the fault codes

Dave H
Jan 26, 2011.