1991 Honda Civic • 141,000 miles

OK. Had fans ck, all ok. Relays are good, fuses got power, but fans just don't work. Also found and unplug cable if u can tell me if this one has something to do with fans. If not what would be best cable and how would be best set up to make fans run and turn off by a switch. Thank.
May 29, 2013.

What do you mean by unplug cable?
Did you test the fan switch?
Do the fans work on when A/C is turned on?

May 30, 2013.
Ok. First image is the cable that was unplug but cant find where it goes. And fans don't run at all, ac on or even when temp goes up. Second pic are the connectors from the relays. What should I do. Thank you

May 30, 2013.
Can't see where the connectors for the first diagram goes to.

For the relay connectors, seems they are corroded and could be the reason why ths fans are not working. You would need to have them replaced and restest the circuit.

May 31, 2013.