1999 Honda Accord • 224,000 miles

I have codes p1164 and p1259, engine misfires on cylinders 1 and 4, I have changed the plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, I also swapped the injectors around and it still mises on the same two cylinders, I also checked the compression and it is good on all 4 cylinders, does anyone know what this could be?
Dave 52
April 30, 2013.

P1164 is a faulty O2 sensor or its circuit.

P1259 is a problem with the VTEC system and could be due to the following : Lack of engine oil
Clogged or faulty VTEC solenoid
VTEC wire connector wrongly interconnected to fan switch.
VTEC wire broken.
Faulty ECM.

Was any repairs done prior to this occurring?

Apr 30, 2013.
I dont know if it was worked on before, the car was bought from an auction, may be anything wrong.

Dave 52
Apr 30, 2013.
Under such circumstances, you should start with the basics.

Check the valve clearances for a start.
Ensure the VTEC solenoid wire is connected correctly and wire has continuity to engine computer.
Ensure engine oil level is correct and oil is not heavily sludged,
Have the oil pressure tested.

Apr 30, 2013.