1995 Eagle Talon

Engine Performance problem
1995 Eagle Talon 4 cyl Manual 176000 miles

I recently had my manual transmission replaced and car smogged for my 1995 eagle talon. Transmission is great but now I have another problem. My mechanic told me the check engine light is on and he ran it through the computer and he said it came up plugs not plugged in. Or something similar I cant remember. Well it ran fine for a few days but now it keeps shutting off constanly while driving unless I keep reving the engine or my foot on gas. And also if in neutral it shuts off. I can only think it may need new spark plugs and a tune up. But I dont know anything really about cars and would like some help.
April 12, 2010.

What code did the scantool came up with this will point you guys in the right directions what's causing it to stall

Apr 12, 2010.