1990 Dodge Van

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Dodge Van 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I replaced the oil pump in a '90 Dodge B150 van with a 3.9L engine. The new pump was left loose on start up and ran for 2 min. Without oil pressure. (Pressure leaked out around base of pump when left loose). The new pump was damaged(cracked where drive rod goes into pump), so we replaced it again. Now the new pump works fine but the needle on my remote oil pressure gauge bounces rapid like a bad reed valve in an a/c compressor would. It bounces between 50 and 70psi. When hooked up to the van's oil pressure gauge, it does not bounce. (The sending unit must have a dampner built into it). What would cause this pulsation in pressure and is it something to be concerned about?
August 3, 2010.

It could be the oil pressure relief valve.