1999 Dodge Stratus

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Dodge Stratus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

This is my wife's Stratus and it has a 2.4 engine, she said when it quit running as she was driving it to work that it sounded like a belt squeeling and then she lost everything, no brakes - no power stearing and the engine quit so she coasted to the side of the road and we had it towed back home. I have been told that it is probably the Serpentine belt, I was also told by my friend that also had a Dodge Stratus 2.4 that I should replace all the engine belts when I have the Serpentine Belt installed because of what is involved just to get to the Serpentine's installation?. Please advise, and is this something that I can do? Or should I have it done at my local service garage?. Please Advise.. Thanks, . Regis
October 30, 2009.

I think your pal is thinking of the timing belt. The timing belt is deeper in the engine, and the other belts should be replaced while you have them off.

I don't believe this is an interference engine.

I don't know your mechaical aptitude or frustration level nor what tools you have. I suggest having a shop take care of this one.

I have full sets american and metric sockets and wrenches as well as a good hydraulic floor jack and air wrenches etc. Tools are not the problem, I do not know what is involved to get to this belt system on this engine, . The only one I did was on a '94 V-6 Dakota PU and it was a piece of cake. This does not look to be a piece of cake and may need a more experienced mechanic, . Please advise, . RW

Oct 30, 2009.
Okay I think you'll be fine. Take a read through the procedure and if you want to go after it, I'll post the figs and specs.