1998 Dodge Stratus

1998 Dodge Stratus 4 cyl

The cooling fans on my stratus don not tun on unless the AC is on. We have replaced the coolant temperature sensor to no avail. Given that it turns on when the AC is on that would indicate that the relays aref ine wouldn't it?

please help
August 16, 2010.

Sounds like the computer controlled of the low and high fan relays

Aug 16, 2010.
My apologies. I am really not very mechanically inclined. I am not sure what to make of your response. Would it be possible to clarify a bit?

The only thing that come to me from it is that I may need to replace the main computer int he car.

Thank you for replying I really do appreciate it.

The computer picks up an input signal from the coolant temperature sensor to activate the fan relays in a given engine temperature. Check and test the thermostat its job is to control the engine temperature and the CTS reads it then reports this data to the computer

Aug 17, 2010.