Dodge Sprinter

I Have a 2003 Dodge sprinter 2500 with 48K miles and I'm replacing the brakes and want to repack the front wheel bearings. I was easily able to remove the outer bearing, but I'm not sure how the inner bearing is removed. Do I need a press or a special tool?
RB French
March 5, 2007.

Not to take off, the only time you need a press is when packing the rotor (plenty of grease) just be careful not to strip the spindle

Mar 7, 2007.
It's probably the grease seal holding the bearing in, you must pry out and repl. The seal after you repack the bearings, I am not familiar w/ a sprinter, but call local auto parts store and see if seal is available first, if so heres how tou cheat. W/ outer bearing removed and rotor still on spindle, re install nut(only) several turns(till spindle is flush w/ end of nut). Then pull rotor outward, sliding on spindle w/a quick motion. Nut should catch inner bearing and knock out seal. Thats the easiest way I can explain it. Good luck let me know how it works out for you.

Mar 8, 2007.