1992 Dodge Shadow

Brakes problem
1992 Dodge Shadow 4 cyl 135000 miles

I recently had some issues with a few brake lines so I decided it was time to replace everything. Over the past few months the car has seen new lines, rear wheel cylinders, drums, front calipers, the whole nine yards. The problem seems to be that the rear brakes are none functional. When bleeding I get lots of fluid at the rear, not much on the front driver side, and normal at the front passenger side. With everything closed back up I get normal power out of the front brakes (both), but nothing at the rear wheels. The pedal also feels quite squishy, but there does not seem to be any air in the system at all, not even at the master cylinder. What could the problem be?
October 18, 2009.

Did you properly adjust the rear brakes?