Dodge Ram

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 136,000 miles 4.7L:
My OEM water pump failed after 129,000 miles. That is not really a mystery. But after 4 months and 9000 miles later the new replacement pump went out. I said " new" not re-manufactued water pump. Ok, so it was replaced at no cost to me. When I picked up the truck, I had started it to take off and I heard a clicking noise and went inside to tell the shop. The guy comes out and says that its just the coolant that had blown out all over the engine are and it was the surpentine belt making the noise because of the coolant being on it. He said it would wear off soon. So I headed out and just 3 miles down the road I heard the squeal of the belt and 7 miles down the road as I acelerated on to the freeway, the steam was shooting out behind my vehicle as the third water pump failed in a catastrophic manner. What could possibly cause a water pump go out for a third time and worse then the previous two did? Water pumps are not complicated parts. Could it possibly have some to do with the fan/clutch assembly being bad in some way?
January 11, 2007.

The cause could be a misajusted tension of the belt.
A slipping belt overheats and becomes glazed and eventually fails to drive the water pump. This can cause overheating, causing pouley to wear out
A belt that is too tight can place a severe strain on the water pump bearings, causing them to fail.

Use a torque wrench ( at proper specification)
use a belt tensionner gage to mesure the tension.

Good luck.

Jan 11, 2007.
When you say " new" do you mean aftermarket or OEM. Doesnt make much sense considering that has an automatic belt tensioner.I would probably go to the dealer(as much as that hurts) and get a new OEM pump

Jan 11, 2007.
We had problems with particular brands of pumps. The most reliable that I have found is Napa's new durapro pumps. Very rare is there a problem.