1996 Dodge Ram

After taking apart half the car I removed the top mount bolt. I can't see or feel ANYTHING regarding the bottom. The Haines simply sez remove the bolt and pull out starter. Could the book(diagram) be wrong? Anyone ever pull one, specifically 2.4. Thanks for any advice
February 2, 2007.

I have a 95 with the 2.4 I changed mine and it was a pain, I did not have to take the manifold off though, I had I rough time sueezing it through the bottom of the manifold and the ac pump, but it can be done, as for the bolts, on mine there was two, one I reached from underneath after I put it on ramps and the other was easier for me by taking off the airfilter housing and reaching down from up top to loosoen the top bolt, once you get the bolts out I it might be tough to get it out if you have AC, but it can be done, you are going to need a fairly long extension for the bottom bolt, hope this helps

Feb 2, 2007.
Thanks for the reply. I finally got it. What a pain. The bottom bolt was alot more " centered" (regarding the starter/sel.)Than I thought. I also rigged an old Spark plug socket w/extension and put it over my rachet to give me the length I needed and more leverage. : : D

Feb 3, 2007.