2002 Dodge Ram

I have an '02 Ram 1500 4x4. Recently, the right front axle broke inside of the boot. As far as removal goes, I understand it to be basically sliding out of the front differential (but perhaps there's a locking ring? I'm not sure).

Is it possible to drive without it temporarily? Also, is there anything I should be concerned about as far as the removal process goes? I have a jack against the lower control arm (to hold tension off the torsion bars). I've been told that shops can get a half-shaft, isn't this synonymous with " CV joint"?
October 18, 2007.

According to the manual, both left and right are identical, and to remove them you must take of the caliper the lower shock mount, break the upper ball joint, remove the axle nut, tht of course is done first, then altho there is a lock ring, use 2 prybars and pop it out of the differential.I myself would take the outter joint out of the hub first! Half shafts are rebuilt axle asseblies, inner outter and shaft all made up ready to install. I would'nt drive it dissconnected.

Oct 19, 2007.