2001 Dodge Ram

Transmission problem
2001 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 105000 miles

After getting stuck in the snow, and making a few unsuccessful attemps to get unstuck, I stopped the truck and got pulled out. Now I have no reverse, I did for awhile but I had to rev the engine up a little to get it to move. Everything else is allright, no slippage or anything. The fluid level is okay, and the fluid is not burnt. Also, I did not hear anything break.I'm lost?
Larry Sanders
February 17, 2010.

Does it slam into reverse when you rev it up or just not want to go until you give it fuel? When I bought my pickup it wouldn't engage into reverse until I accelerated and then it (somewhat violently) engaged and reversed quickly. It was hard to back up just an inch.

I replaced the transmission fluid, filter and adjusted the rear and front kick-down bands with an in-lb torque wrench and that took care of it. The fluid and the transmission pan looked neglected and took a while to clean. I am not sure if the right transmission fluid was even in there! I saw an empty quart of Mercon under the seat that made me extremely nervous.

Just sharing this as a peer, not a mechanic - take it with a grain of salt.

Feb 20, 2010.