1998 Dodge Ram

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 145000 miles

I fear I already know the answer, but just trying to make sure I've covered all the bases before the knuckle busting begins. Truck was running fine. Came home, next morning wouldn't start. Cranks like crazy, no fire.
Noticed I don't hear the fuel pump prime now. Checked all fuses (under dash, under hood) and played " musical relays" swapping like relays for fuel system and ASD.
Gave it a shot of carb cleaner, fires off and tries, so seems there's spark. Had a buddy crank it while I beat the b'Jesus out of the bottom of the tank. No joy.
Is there anything else I could check, or is it time to lay in a supply of beer, bandaids, and a fuel pump?
Thanks for any suggestions!
November 8, 2010.

Access the fuel pump connector and make sure power is getting there. IF it is, try to get yourself an OEM one from the dealer. Aftermarket ones usually fail early in my experience.

Thanks, Service Writer! I cozied up under it this afternoon with a test probe and I AM getting the couple seconds of power to the connector when the ignition is turned on. Thanks also for the tip on an aftermarket pump! I'll head over to the dealer tomorrow and get the show on the road. I owe you a [insert favorite beverage here]! Thanks again!

Nov 9, 2010.
Thanks beats any beverage! Thank-you for the donation.