1998 Dodge Ram

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135k miles

Yesterday morning my truck would not start. The engine would turn but not catch. It would start to catch and rumble a bit, but not catch, I have a new battery so I kept trying and it finally caught, seemed to blow out the cobwebs and for the rest of the day and night it started every time without a hitch. This morning same thing, won't catch. It rumbles like it wants to catch, stumbles a bit then after pulling the air filter exhaust hose off, I can see and really smell a very rich smoke comming from the top of the manifold. It did this yesterday too, but this was the cobwebs it blew out. Today it's just not gettin it. I'm in houston texas and it's been wet, wet, wet here and theirs been some freezing. Not this morning though.
December 8, 2009.

Should have it checked for tune up
check wires
Dont over look the coil
and fuel pressure
I would suspect its a bad tune up

Dec 8, 2009.
It appears to be flooding. From my investigating it seems like the fuel continues to drip when the vehicle is stopped/off. For 2 or 3 hours between starts like yesterday, it was no big deal, ran like a top after it was started. And would start right up every time, right away, throughout the day. Today as well, when i'd floor the accelerator while cranking the motor, (which I wasn't doing before, I was treating it like a carburated motor) it blew out all the gas and the engine would start and run like a top. I'm not sayin that it doesn't need a tune up, were probably due for one, but this isn't the problem, I think it's with the injectors, i'm just not sure how to go about repairing this fuel flow after the engine has stopped. I would appreciate any direction.

Dec 8, 2009.
If you suspect the injectors or the fuel system, need to do a fuel system leak test
hook up a fuel gauge and check
I would still check it for tune up and the coil too

Dec 9, 2009.