1996 Dodge Ram

Brakes problem
1996 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

My brake / ABS light comes on moments after starting to move and stays on. Brakes work as normal with no problems. Have had fluid level, pads, calipers, etc. Checked since trouble started. All are OK. If this is a sensor problem how can I get it checked / replaced? This is a " Road Trek" RV with current total kilometers @ 101715 (61,000 miles).

Thanks so much,

Tom D.
Tom Donnelly
June 8, 2008.

Most common reason is your ABS Speed Sensor.

I'm going to assume you only have the basic rear-wheel antilock (RWAL) instead of the 4-wheel ABS, but it probably applies to 4-wheel too.

If you climb under your truck and look at the rear differential, there will be a sensor inside a cage. Remove that single bolt on top and remove the sensor. If you have a multimeter, measure the resistance. Should be somewhere near 2400 to 3000. If it measures infinite or 0, the sensor is bad.

Go to your local junkyard and grab one -- either from the trucks or the fullsize vans, the sensors are the same. You're looking at maybe $5 - $10 for the part.

If you have to buy the part new, or simply refuse to install used parts, the sensor can only be ordered from Chrysler for $80.

Jun 14, 2008.
Replace rear wheel speed sensor located on top of rear differential. $36 at dodge dealer

Jun 24, 2008.