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98 dodge 1500 103000 miles
i recently checked my ac compressor connection and the fuses and the ac fuse is blown. I then replace the fuses after I unplugged the ac compressor cord and then plugged it back in. The fuces again blown out. Wat does this mean and how can I fix it? Do I have to get another ac compressor or can I just replace the clutch coil?

March 8, 2007.

Check first to see if there is a short in the wire going to the compressor. Disconnect the wire on the compressor. Put a piece of tape over the end, replace the fuse and see if it blows out when you try to use ac, if it does then there is a short other than the compressor or clutch, if the fuse does not blow out reconnect the wires and see if it happen again

Mar 9, 2007.