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Car has 170K; Fuel pump replaced 10 weeks ago. Car ran for 10 days, then died. Car sat for 6 weeks. Replaced fuel filter and factory gas line (metal line into engine). Car ran for a week and died again. Tested gas flow / pressure by removing new line - gas " shot" a few inches. One mechanic / friend is wondering how much pressure the gas line should be putting out. Should it shoot further? Could it be a fuel regulator problem?

Notes: fuel pump " primes" every time key is turned over. No air / gas leaks anywhere. Battery & starter okay. Car starts when starting fluid is sprayed into engine, so we know it's a fuel problem.

Please help. Thank you.
Mike Lee
October 1, 2007.

Fuel pressure at idle is 48 psi. What is yours?

Injectors may not be firing

In response to your question on the van's fuel pressure when idleing, my friend put it this way.


" It's hard to measure at idle since yours will not start but if it takes anywhere near that much to get it started you are out of luck. 48 psi would shoot gas out of that tube we removed beyond the front of the van. 48 psi through that small of a tube should go about 10 or 12 feet. Sounds like the injectors are protecting themselves because of a lack of fuel pressure. As for checking it I have no idea. Might want to describe what you have (enough pressure to shoot gas a couple of inches when the pump is primed) to a mechanic and see what they think. That may be enough but either low fuel pressure or a blockage is your only option since it will start with starting fluid.&Quot; Does that help, Paul?


Mike Lee

Mike Lee
Oct 3, 2007.
Hi Mike,

Okay, I had that coming. It's hard to hold back sarcasm sometimes. Thanks for adding the engine size.

When answering posts, I tend to carry information from a prior one. What can I say? I do apologize.

Anyways back to the problem, The pressure when measured between the tank and filter should be a minimum of 5 psi. IF not, restrict the return hose. Should the pressure rise, replace the regulator, if not, then replace the pump. Check for a clogged screen in the event it goes towrds the pump as the problem.

I will tell you from the experience of having to replace new failed pumps is on the mopars, I ONLY use oem pumps.


It turns out it was the fuel pump. The " strainer" had broken. Oddly enough, the mechanic said that as long as the tank was at least half full, the car would run. This explains why I was able to drive for a while after the pump was replaced initially. Who knew?

Thanks so much for your help. Your site provides an invaluable service. I've already recommended you to my friends and associates. Rest assured I won't hesitate to use your services again.

Best of luck,

Mike Lee

Mike Lee
Oct 15, 2007.
Glad to hear of the success and do appreciate your visit. It was a pleasure to work with you.