2004 Dodge Other

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 Other Dodge Models 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 97000 miles

My car a 2004 dodge SRT-4, 2.4 turbo. I was driving down the highway yesterday and my car started to heat up pretty bad so I pulled over and I didnt let it get too hot just pulled over and looked up the hood. It was leaking really bad. Like a pueter tan color. Just dripping out of my radiator overflow tank! And then I had the car towed home. This morning I looked uder the hood pulled the radiator cap off and it was caked in that tan colored fluid (which im sure is oil and radiator fluid) now I called a couple mechanic places both said could be blown head gasket but one guy said it might be a bad engine oil cooler? Would you guys know, in looks which could it be and how much for both? Usually!
June 6, 2008.

Hi: Yes, it could be a head gasket. The repair will be somewhat expensive. I'm guessing between 4 and 6 hundred. It is labor intense. The gaskets themselves will be over a hundred because you will need to replace other gaskets to get to the head.