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\\ 2001 Dodge Stratus 123,000 Miles

Phoenix, AZ. It's about 112 today. A couple days ago the Stratus started overheating, and in the time that I have had to drive since then I have observed the followiing.

- It only begins to overheat when I am not moving, at a light or something. If I am on the freeway the entire time, I don't have a problem.
- There are 2 fans behind the front 'grill' that do not seem to be running at all.
- I have been replacing water into the radiator before any trips over the past 2 days.
- The coolant level seems goods.
- Over the past 2 weeks maybe once or twice the car overheated while cruising and running the a/c, but when it did, the temperature gauge went up.
- It does not go up anymore.
- When I get stuck at a light, the engine seems like it is knocking around, and then is weak or barely got a grip when I apply gas, but then once I get over 5 or 10 mph, it is good again.

. I just got an oil change at Midas a week and a 1/2 ago. I also know that I need motor mounts here soon.

Through conversation the only theory I've come up with is that a fan belt has busted?

It truly appreciate any help on this. ThanksQ!
June 5, 2006.

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