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1998 Other Dodge Models 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 170000 miles

I have a 1998 Dodge Van b1500 (3.9L, V6). In the beginning, my van would stall when I was waiting for the light to change. It would start up immediately. Then, it would have a hard time starting after I fueled up. Now, it seems to stop when I stop at a stop sign. At this point it would not start. I stepped on the accelerator and tried to start it. It only starts after 6-7 tries. We got two codes from OBDII, one for the ignition coil and another for an oxygen sensor. We replaced the ignition coil but have yet to replace the oxygen sensor. I took it to a mechanic who told me that he couldn't find anything wrong with it except a dirty IAC valve. He cleaned it but it still continues to cut out. Any help would be much appreciated.
January 25, 2008.

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