1989 Dodge Omni

I recently got a 1989 Dodge Omni and I haven't had any problems with it - until today. For no apparent reason, the horn has been sticking, even going off when no one is even inside the car! There is no alarm system or panic button for this car, so I can't see any clear cause. I considered pulling the fuse until I realized that the horn shares a fuse with the tail lights and pulling it would mean I couldn't safely drive it. Though, I can't safely drive it with the horn going all the way either. Please help!

1989 Dodge Omni
roughly 260000 kms
Engine size 2.2L
July 13, 2007.

My '89 did that, but it was because I took the steering wheel apart and didn't put it back correctly. You'll probably have to take the part that you press on, off and reset it perfectly. There are two pieces of metal and the slightest brush between them causes the horn to sound. : ) Gooood luck.

May 2, 2008.
My 78 did the same thing. I just got pulled over last week for my because my tail lights were out.

I wish I would have seen this post before I got my ticket!

Nov 6, 2008.