98, TIMING BELT SET UP..............HELP.

1998 Dodge Neon

Hello, I want to introduce myself and also ask for assistance as my Dodge Neon is giving me problems, here's what happened:
While driving the water pump locked up(too old) and the timing belt came off and ripped.
I took the car appart, replaced the water pump, the belt and the engine motor mount, unfortunately the book (Chilton) says that you have to get a DRB tool and have the computer re-learn the crankshaft position other wise the timiong will be off and the car will not run, so what the car is doing is misfiring and not starting.
I have tried to get the tool and most auto parts can only offer a OBD tool that gives you the diagnostic but can not reset the computer.
Does anyone know how to set the timing or any tricks on what I can do?
This is frustrating as I did all the hard work so the dealer would not take a bite off my money, but now I am stuck with a dead car.

Any help will be appreaciated, I am in Illinois, (Chicago)

January 12, 2006.

If the Cam and Crank timing are lined up according to factory marks then it will run

Feb 7, 2006.
Hi, I got a 98 neon its a little over 185K haven't replaced the timing belt yet, do you have any idea when they need replacement?



Jan 16, 2007.